Welcome to Whateveristrue.com  

I love to serve the King!

My name is Douglas Peterson.  I live in Northern Illinois and have several hobbies and interests.  Some of which, are reflected here.

Primarily, though, this site is a reflection of my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.  In my early Christian walk, my view of 'the Church' was too small.  Now, in my later years, I've come to see that God has reserved for himself a great multitude of people that follow the Son.  So, much so, that I am quite at ease calling Pope Francis my brother in Christ, even, as I serve in my local church (Baptist), as a Deacon.

My guiding verse comes from John 17:20-22.  (Look it up!)

Before he was REALLY famous, Montel Williams did stand up comedy.  Here he is doing an incredibly moving introduction of the King of Kings.

  •  Montel Introducing Jesus Christ

Another passion of mine is the Pro-Life movement.  This link is not for the faint of heart, as it graphically proves what abortion is really about.  At 50 million plus lost in this American Holocaust, the site is aptly named.

  • The American Holocaust Memorial

I love the old hymns.  I did the on-line hymnal about 15 years ago.  It is updated with YouTube links for some of these classic hymns.

  • The On-line Hymnal

 I love to collect old Radios.  Here are links to the complete collection of Rider Schematics.

Rider Schematics Volume 1

  • Rider Schematics Volume 2
  • Rider Schematics Volume 3

I also love old Cars, here's a link to the GM Parts manual for nearly all 1960's GM cars.

  • Parts Manual